Mediawiki (or other) and document management

I’m putting up a wiki for a small organization I manage, and in one of the sections of the wiki, I want to store our informational material, such as flyers, liability waivers, registration forms, etc. All these are in a .doc, .pdf, or similar format. While I see how to manage images, video and sound files, I’m wondering if there is a way to upload and store these document format files within Mediawiki itself.

I can see a lot of valid arguments for this being the wrong tool to do this. Any recommendations on other tools to manage, store, and reference random file types? I’d rather not just upload the files somewhere else and do external links from the wiki (though I may end up doing that.)

Obviously not a huge deal, just curious if anyone has experience or ideas with this sort of thing.

In the LocalSettings.php file you will find file extentions add doc and pdf there. Also if any pages don’t require a username/password you can add those pages to the white list in the same file.

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