MediaWiki / MySQL

I am trying to install MediaWiki, but I can not logon to MySQL as “root”. Is there a way around this? Can I install my own copy of MySQL and run that?

You don’t need to login to MySQL as root. Create the database from the web panel, and use this for the program.

The installation script has statements like:

GRANT ALL ON {$wgDBname}.*
TO {$wgDBadminuser}@’%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘{$wgDBadminpassword}’;

TO {$wgDBuser}@’%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘{$wgDBpassword}’;

These commands apparently require being logged on as root, and don’t work from the add user interface.

Right… you can manage the permissions to the db user from the web panel. I think the default permissions should work, but if you have to edit them, you can (click on “edit” for the appropriate database username).

That’s a nice tutorial.

Thank you Michael Schubart very much. You’re a smarter person than I.