MediaWiki installation problem connecting to MySQL



I’m trying to complete the one-click install of mediawiki and am getting a couldn’t connect to DB error.

Here are my dreamhost settings:

Hostname(s) for this MySQL server: [phpMyAdmin]

Database(s) on this server:

Database Action Users with Access
threebearswiki (8 KB)
"MediaWiki Database"
user: same as primary log in to dreamhost

here are the settings on the wiki install web page: =
Database name = threebearswiki
user = same as user in control panel
password = same as user password

user is set to access MySQL db from:

i’m not sure what’s missing here.



Did you follow all the steps given in the one-click installation email?

Sometimes you need to wait a while until the mysql hostname is ready, although I have just checked and it is working.