MediaWiki install

I am trying to install mediawiki on my website via the one click install. I’m able to get through the set up but when I get to the last step of actual installation it seems to be timing out.

I have looked at the discussion page on the wiki

It says there are issues, I have set my PHP to 5.3 with no fastcgi, disabled ‘extra securiy’, but the last step of adjust the php.ini is a little beyond my scope of knowledge. I am wondering if anyone has some more explicit (but simple) directions on how to do this, or any other suggestions on how to get my install to work.

Thanks much for any help.

You would want to follow these directions:

Go to your user’s ‘root’ folder (so /home/username/)
Make a folder called .php
Go into that folder and make another called 5.3
In that folder (yeah) make a file called phprc

Finally in that file you want two lines:

max_execution_time = 500
max_input_time = 500

MediaWiki knows about the memory issues, thankfully, and the beta tests I ran seem to indicate they’re on the way to fixing this. It’s a big app, though, kinda like Microsoft Office, so its always going to use more memory than other apps :confused:

Thanks much, I was having trouble connecting all the pieces. I’ll try it out when I get home and report back the results. Is it fine to delete that folder once the install is complete? The wiki will be for my personal use so I don’t expect a lot of traffic.
Ah, great, it works now. In case anyone else has the same issue, the installation still appears to fail, but when you revisit the installation website you move through the installation steps again so you can generate the LocalSettings.php file.

You can delete it if you want. May be better to rename it phprc.OLD so you can turn it back on real fast for upgrades :wink: