MediaWiki Help

Does anyone know if after you install MediaWiki, if you can choose which page to put it on in your site? I don’t want it to be my site index.

I don’t know about after you install it, but it’s a breeze to set it up that way when you install it. Just install it to a subdirectory of your site. :wink:


Okay. What page would it be on after I installed it to its own directory? I’m still pretty new at this :frowning:

If you installed it to the directory “wiki” on the the “yourdomain.tld” site, then you would browse to it with a browser (it’s not really a “page” in the classic sense) at:


Of course, you can name that directory anything you want, and it would work the same way.

You could also create a subdomain of/for your site, and install it there. If you installed it into the “base” directory of “wiki.yourdomain.tld” (after adding the subdomain, just select that in the oneclick install pull down field, and leave the “directory” area blank), it would be reachable at:


Of course, you can name the subdomain (almost) anything you want, and it would work the same way.,


The subdomain method is very common when you have substantial content at your main site.

Also, because of the way .htaccess is inherited, installing MediaWiki into a subdomain eliminates any problems associated with any web app you might install into the parent domain affecting the mediawiki links. For instance, if you chose to have yourdomain.tld be a WordPress installation, stuff it does to enable categories and nice looking permalinks may futz with links like yourdomain.tld/wiki.

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I agree that a subdomain generally makes better sense! :slight_smile: For a main site with just static content it is probably not a big deal, but things certainly can get complicated if your main domain’s site is running an application that re-writes urls and does other .htaccess based voodoo!


All right. Thanks everyone!