MediaWiki email notifications

Just set up a completely vanilla MediaWiki on a subdomain on one of my sites. It seems to be working fine. I can create pages, create new users, etc. I set up a couple of accounts and email confirmations were successful. However, I can’t seen to get email notifications for page edits to work. I verified that that particular setting is enabled in LocalSettings.php and the option is visible on the preference page for the individual user accounts. Has anyone else encountered this? Any thoughts?

Ben H.

Shared server? Or which dream host service?

How is “from” configured? It must be a valid address on your domain.

Running on Blackboard. I think “from” is set correctly. It was for the email confirmation messages, in any case.

At this point I’m mostly wondering whether it’s just me, or a common problem. Since it’s small scale I’m just going to make a cron job to dump current versions into an XML file and email them every couple days. So, now it’s moot from my perspective.