Mediawiki email confirmation not being sent?

I need to confirm my email address, as presumably those of anyone who wants to use my wiki, so that I can edit my wiki.

I have tried

Mediwiki > Preferences > Confirm your e-mail address

several times. I’ve also tried

Mediwiki > Log in / create account > Email new password

but no emails arrive.

I have checked repeatedly that I have given the right email address (copy and paste into an email and, yes, it arrives). I have checked my mailbox, the two junk mailboxes and the virus quarantine boxes that are all the possible destinations for incoming mail. I can confirm that I am receiving external email from other sources.

The only conclusion I can come to is that the emails are not being sent. Please can anyone shed any light on this?

Aargh, there seems to be a bigger problem - I am also unable to verify ownership of Google Apps for the same reason.

How are you trying to verify that ownership? For me i usually upload the file since it’s the fastest way to verify ownership for domains.

OK for Google Apps, I cannot do anything without verifying ownership. The domain is not registered with Google until I do this. To verify I am in Manage You Apps, and clicking “verify ownership” next in the Google Apps section.

For the wiki, I can edit the wiki as admin. However, I would like others to edit it for me and they can’t do this until their email address has been confirmed - that is a confirmation email is sent with a link to a confirmation page. This email is not arriving.

I have had some very useful support from DreamHost. According to the logs, it is the settings in Postini used by my email provider. These settings cannot reconcile the sender’s domain with the IP address from which is it sent. I have assumed that the problem is in fact that the confirmation emails are being sent ‘from’ my email address and therefore it is logical that the IP address does not match.

Therefore, I have changed the registered email address for wiki admin and for DreamHost apps to one for which Postini should not have any constraints. However, I am still not receiving the confirmation emails. :frowning:

Can anyone give me any more hints, please?[hr]

I have changed the email address of the wiki login that I am trying to confirm now and am able to verify it. I can also confirm from what address the confirmation emails are being sent - and this is the OLD address that I thought I had changed. Is there a further level of ownership for which I haven’t managed to update my email address?

wiki admin - now the new email address
DreamhostApps account - now the new email address

but confirmation emails are still being sent from the old email address.[hr]
Oh god, this is hideous. Now, by changing my email address on the DreamHostApps control panel I do not seem to be able to log in to my phpBB forum using any email address. I would start again if I had not already done so much work.


Can anyone offer any ideas, please?

DH customer support have now changed my 1-click settings for my apps so now admin emails for the wiki and the forum are being sent from the new address. I’m still ironing out some problems…