Mediawiki articles dissapear

So let´s see if this happened to someone else, I have a private wiki, wich is protected, so cant be the case someone comes and erase random pages. but eventually pages that had content yesterday are blank now. Any ideas ?


WHat happens when you view the History for that page? Is it logging any changes?


Some changes can be found, the pages i actually changed something in the last 30 days i can always recover but any other that i haven changed a thing are lost forever. I checked the database and nothing there. They are just gone. Some pages i have written like before dec 08 are nowhere to be found. :frowning:


Perhaps changing
to e.g.,
will reveal more.

that doesnt work, it will still show the last 30 days even if states that is showing the last 60, 90 or 100 days. Nothing new.

Besides that most of the content is blocked from being changed. So its not by mistake.

You can try restoring your DB from the DreamHost panel. This way you can at least retrieve the missing data.

fixing the dbonly gets back some old changes, my worries is that keeps happening after restore. No solutions neither from a ticket i issued with DHost staff, no one seems to know, the thing is that this never happened before. in other DB install in other hosts.