MediaWiki 500 Internal Server Error (one-click)


I have a wiki installed on my site (I just used the one-click install process to install MediaWiki), and when I tried to access it yesterday all I got was a 500 internal server error. Since setting up the wiki I have only accessed the site as a regular user and I have made no account changes. I submitted a ticket to dreamhost yesterday and no reply. Any thoughts on what I can do to either a) get them to reply in a timely manner, or b) fix the issue. I don’t have much of a web programming background and liked the idea of the one-click installs. Are they more trouble than they are worth?


Just to clarify… are you seeing 500 errors constantly, or are you able to “access the site as a regular user” ?


I am not able to access the site at all. It never loads. I can’t even see the page on which I log in. I only mentioned that I just acces the site as a regular user to emphasize that I haven’t even accesses my webpanel since getting the thing up and running until now.


If this happened to me I’d just remove the One-Click panel and try a reinstall.

Rename domain.tld -> domain.tld.old
Make new directory domain.tld

One-Click Panel:
Remove One-Click MediaWiki from list
Install MediaWiki to domain.tld

Should you prefer to troubleshoot:
First, check your Support History to (re)read any notification issued by the installer script after it finished installing MediaWiki, then check (via SFTP) the files in whichever domain you installed to, paying attention to the “owner” field - which should be the same as your SFTP login user name.


It turned out that Dreamhost confirmed that it was a network issue with one of their routers. There was almost an entire day during which I didn’t have access to the MySQL database required to run the Wiki.


Seems odd that a 500 error would be returned on a simple DB connection failure.

Glad you have it sorted!


Me too. Thanks for offering suggestions!