MediaWiki 1.22!


The primary reason I switched to Dreamhost two years ago was its excellent support for MediaWiki installs, one-click MediaWiki installs, and lots of space for user hosted images (I administrate something like five wikis).

And I was really excited that the one-click installs have finally gotten an upgrade, as more of the code I want to use on my DH-hosted wikis is accessible to me (not having MultipleUpload work was a real downside to some of my members, and we’re thrilled to have it function).

However, there are still a few extensions and a theme that we’d really really like to use that are not available – most importantly Bootstrap – due to the fact that DH’s mediawiki is still considerably behind MW’s development.

An upgrade to 1.22 would make me and a lot of people super happy. Manually upgrading has caused nothing but disasters and data loss every time I’ve tried, requiring reverting to backups that weren’t always perfect; please please bring us 1.22 as a one-click!


I am new here; but according to your answer about Wiki, I will say we also need more one click install, like Wiki (i would like to use some wiki on my websites, as well). And also I saw on other webhosting, videogames one click install (a kind of plateforme where people spend false money online and look after the ressource of differents planets). Could be good.


The same request for upgrade was made last December, with no response from DH.