Media Wiki Database backup


I am trying to backup the database of MediaWiki. However this feature does not work properly.

Here’s what I do:
From the control panel interface, I clicked the backup database button. I got notification that the backup is scheduled and I’ll get email notification when it’s done.
Not long after, I got email notification which mentioned that the database was back up along with the url as well as username/password to retrieve the backup.
The Url worked fine, but there’s only empty mysql folder there.


I do my backups manually, but the SQL admin utility (phpMyAdmin) also does this:

Another option, since DreamHost allows shell access, is to use mysqldump.

mysqldump -u <DB Username> -p<password> -h dbname > dbname.`date +%Y-%m-%d`

The above will place the database dump (backup) in a file tagged with the year, month and day of the backup. With the date listed in this order you know when the backup was made and you can sort by filename to get backups from oldest to newest.

This simple command along with a cron job can be used to automate backups of your database. If you are already performing backups of your site off of DH, you just need to place these files in the proper location to add them to you backups.

Thanks for the reply. I just started a trial using the free account which has neither shell or mysql access.

belmont_a, the trial account isn’t restricted in any way. You can set up a shell account at

The initial backup you attempted was probably empty because the full account backup is generated from our existing web and MySQL backups, rather than made from scratch. If the MediaWiki instance was less than a day or so old, there wouldn’t be any backups yet.

That’s very helpful. The account is indeed newly created and aged less than 24 hours. :slight_smile: