Media Wiki and Google Sites

I set up google sites for a non-profit a few months ago, and at the time registered a domain using Recently we heard about mediawiki and decided to try it out and switched to dreamhost for everything. Now, the site is still hosted via google apps. I can tolerate the design, I like that I can allow multiple people to edit it, and how easy everything was to set up. I eventually plan to switch to joomla, but not yet. That being said, I do want MediaWiki. I did the one step install, but when I go to nothing happens.

I assume this is because google sites isn’t playing well, or that it is hosted on google sites, and not on dreamhost. But am curious what I can do.

I am semi-knowledgeable about computer. I played around with ftp and such in college, and that was just 3 years ago. But, since then I have stuck mostly with non-programming set ups.

Thanks for any help.

The nameservers for you domain are pointed to NS41.DOMAINCONTROL.COM & NS42.DOMAINCONTROL.COM

If you want dreamhost to manage the DNS set those to,, by loging into the registar (godaddy) and changing the nameservers. (note: that change will take 12-24 hours to occur–thats just the way DNS works-- its called DNS propagation).

If you want to create a mirror to use temporarily before you make that change (common practice) then follow these instructions:

Okay. I had put in a transfer request for the registration to move to dream host. I shall wait for that to complete and try again. I thought it may be something in the transfer, but was just making sure.


Okay, so I transferred the domain. In order to use google sites, I can’t use website/wiki it seems. I set up a sub domain and have that fully hosted, and have installed the wiki to it. I am guessing it will once again take about a day for the name to propagate through the tubes?

Currently I get
"Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this."

Thanks for your help.

DNS Propagation normally takes about 12-24 hours within the USA… it can take longer to reach all nameservers worldwide.

You might try Ctrl-F5 to force a browser refresh. You might also try clearing your DNS cache to speed things up. Both discussed here:

You might also try manually resolving the domain name manually with a tool such as nslookup to determine the IP address, then using nslookup again to look up the IP address and see if you are reaching dreamhost or the old host.