Mccodes - Cron Jobs

I downloaded the free version of MCCodes to use as a RPG. I’ve uploaded it all and its all set up. However I’m having a bit of trouble with the cron jobs. It askes this.

'NOTE TO non-Cpanel users: To import the cronjobs, copy all the cronjobs into a text file called crons.txt, upload it to your server, then run the shell command

crontab /path/to/crons.txt

, making sure to backup old crons first, as this overwrites any existing crons. Hope this helps.’

How do I run a shell command?

Thanks for any help given.

Thanks for that, however I still dont understand. Theres alot that I dont understand.

I’ve downloaded ‘Putty’, but I’m completely stumped. When I go to.

this cron it makes the engery bar refill (what its meant to do), but it doesn’t do it by itself. Any ideas?

im having the same problems its really to comlicated for some simple imputs. is there a better explained guide that that wiki because it dont help at all really for a new person to all this.