[Maybe off] - Force the DNS Dreamhost on a Linux


I moved one domain for another server (other dns). We already changed the DNS server on registro.br.
What I need is to set in someway (like iptables) to my computer (Debian) reaches the domain using the dns from Dreamhost.

I want to reach the mail server from Dreamhost to download the e-mails. I’m trying to avoid going to registro.br changing to dreamhost, wait some hours download the e-mails and returning the dns for the new server.

Some idea?


Dreamhost uses different email servers. There are two approaches you can use.

Scroll to the section titled: Connecting directly to your DreamHost mail server. and use that to determine the hostname for your mail cluster. The user portion of your credentials needs to be your full email address.


If your domains DNS is hosted elsewhere, and you want to use DNS entries for the domain that still exist in dreamhost nameservers you can change your local system to use dreamhost nameservers to use and (Don’t leave them like that when you’re done…switch back to your isp’s or googles or however you normally have your local system.)

That’s exactly what I was looking for.
I used the Email Cluster from my server and I’m now downloading the emails.
Thank you!


Is there some webmail from dreamhost I could access this server?

Guilherme Filho

Webmail.dreamhost.com… Again use full email address as user.

Thank you again!