Maybe i'll join but

before i have a few questions:

1.) do you support python ?
2.) would i be allowed to install torrentflux (for LEGAL purposes or if you want to know it exactly for sharing rainbowtables)
3.) will the speed be reduced if i pass a invisible line or do i have 5tb of full speed traffic ?
4.) if you put a lot of data on your space the cpu load will rise dramaticly until its completed (had a host with load 30,6 while dlling a 11gb torrent) is that a problem (or will it still be a problem if you tell the hoster before you start the dl)
5.) is there any way to use some kind of wget via panel or sth or would i have to upload the files via ftp only ?

hope you’ll answer my questions.


  1. Python’s here:

  2. Torrentflux, and similar software are “not encouraged.” See the wiki:

  3. Speed is not typically throttled at some threshold, but it may bump up against overall capacity (CPU, Pipe).

  4. A load of 30 will probably get someone’s attention. If it happens a lot, Support may ask you to find a way to lower the load. However, a single 11 gig download shouldn’t put such a load on a server.

  5. You can upload via FTP or SFTP. You can also log into the shell and do a wget manually.


thanks for the links-

very intresting reads. i just read

“Because of this, BitTorrent violates two parts of our terms of service. […] and it runs after you’ve logged out […]”

in this article

so this means that i’m not allowed to download files via wget or sth equal as i’m not logged in ?

if yes i must have missed that in the tos

If you’re using wget, then you’re probably logged in. There is some stuff you can run while not logged in, which is how crontab works. What the TOS prohibits is a persistent process. Basically, something that’s always running. Not just something running for a periodic job.

And if whatever job your running (logged in or not) puts a really heavy load on the CPU, or just takes really long, it’ll probably automatically get killed by the server’s procwatch.


What’s sth equal?

BTW, one of the things that people frequently overlook in the ToS is that our accounts are meant to be used primarily for hosting websites. Anything that we do beyond that is theoretically against the Terms of Service.

So it might make sense for you to consider what you’re torrenting or downloading with wget?

It’s also worth mentioning that Dreamhost is pretty strict about making sure that everything on our accounts is legal for downloading in the State of California. This means no illegal distribution of copyrighted material. And since our accounts are primarily for hosting our websites, just about all material that we put our account is supposed to be held to this standard.

Will they overlook a file or two that you’re transferring between home and work and the like? Probably. Should you use your account to transfer the contents of your hard drive between home and work? Probably not. (Use a USB drive instead!)

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