May I suggest? Mobile Site Builder + DreamPress

How about throw in this Mobile Site Builder as a bonus to the DreamPress plan?

I recently come across one features that DreamHost has – Mobile Site Builder! It works quite well, but imho it’s not worth $6~9/mth consider there are many other options.

Talking about DreamPress, I am not sure how many people take it and pay $20/month to increase some performance if it works.

I host my wordpress site with Dreamhost and only several visit per day (I know i should do marketing). I myself don’t even want to open the site because it is quite slow!!

I would like to pay a small extra to increase the performance but not $20 extra per month since it not as attractive as it sounds I think.


DudaMobile’s new and is a partnership with another company. Perhaps we could consider a discount (I’ll pass that on), but from my experience, most people seem to be aiming to using responsive themes that adapt to screen sizes.