Maximum # of Forums & Categories



I am thinking about how to fit a Database
into the phpBB format.

I would like to find out - what is the maximum
number of forums that Dreamhost will support ?

Also, are there any limits to the maximum
number of posts, or the maximum number
of categories ?

I’m just wondering if there is some config.
parameter or plain old Dreamhost policy,
that affects this, above and beyond the
normal constraints imposed by normal GB
storage and traffic limits.

Right now I have a normal account and
so, 5 TB of Bandwidth. If I get to a point
where I want to buy another 5 TB bandwidth,
how much does it cost ?

Thanks in advance for any replies !


DreamHost will support as many phpBB forums as you can humanly set up, within the limits of space and bandwidth.

But if you’re going to max out the disk and bandwidth of a standard plan, then you’re probably heavily taxing the shared server. Even the Private Server option may not be enough and you’d have to shop elsewhere for a dedicated server.