Maximum disk quota

I have an 200G allowed disk space on dreamhost.

My question is : Suppose that my ftp password is stolen, and a malicious guy fills my directory with rubbish, will he be stopped by the maximum allowed disk space ?

Or can he put 300Gig of everything and then have I to pay for extra disk space ?

If the user has a quota set in the panel, to equal or less than your plan limit, and everything is working correctly, then the user should be blocked from adding more when the limit is reached. I’ve hit that before. However, currently the panel reports all zeroes for disk space usage for all my users, so everything is not always working correctly. I think if you’ve done your part to set limits, and DreamHost’s system failed, they should not charge you extra, but that and a click on my PayMe link will buy us a small cup of coffee. :slight_smile:

They need more support help.
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  1. Don’t let your FTP password get stolen. Filling up your disk will be the least of your problems.

  2. It is a quota, so I don’t think you’ll incur extra charges. It’s the bandwidth that has no quota, but you can set one via throttling. Should someone exceed your monthly bandwidth allocation of the 2 or so terabytes, you’ll begin to incur charges.