MaxCDN recommends W3TC but not DreamPress


I want to know how to use MaxCDN with my DreamPress. But MaxCDN recommends W3TC.

Do you have any recommendation for MaxCDN plugin that works well with DreamPress?


These are all different things, so let’s explain and then solve:

MaxCDN is a CDN service provider.

DreamPress is a WordPress hosting platform.

W3TC is (primarily) a caching plugin.

As you can see, these are all different. Fortunately, you can use all of them!

You can install W3TC in your DreamPress-hosted WordPress site, and configure it to be used with MaxCDN. :slight_smile:

You can but if you do you need to remember to disable Varnish or just make sure that W3TC is not interfering with DreamPress’s own caching.

Another approach is to leave DreamPress and Varnish untouched, use W3TC only for its CDN options, turning off everything else in the plugin… I haven’t tried that, not sure what the results would be :slight_smile:

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