Max messages in mailbox


I’m currently moving from another host to Dreamhost. I have an email account that I use for mailing lists that has over 7,000 messages in it. When I create a mail account on my dreamhost user panel it seems that I can only have at max 2,000 messages in my inbox.

Is there anyway around this? Can I have more than 2,000 messages in a sub folder?

Any ideas anyone?


It seems that the limit applies only to the inbox, but I’m not sure why that limit is in place. Now where does dreamhost say there is a limit. Anyways if you create a folder you should be able to store all of your messages there. It might also be that support could change this limit for you, not at all sure about this one though.

–Matttail - personal website

In the dreamhost wiki it says you can store as many emails as your quota will allow but when you create an email address there is a question:

Remove read messages when inbox reaches [ ] messages.

You have to enter a number between 1 - 2000. Maybe I will email support and ask them about it.

Thanks for the reply!

Someone else hit the 2000 message Inbox limit, but, really, your inbox shouldn’t have that much. It puts an excessive load on the server to keep scanning your inbox during a new mail check. Any other folder can hold more than the 2000.


Ok time to clean up my inbox then!