Max. File Size

I have already an account at DH.

Now I wanted to host a Library of Urdu Language Books on JOOMLA CMS.

My Question is, what is the max. size of file that our Members could upload through Joomla CMS? [There are some old Urdu Books in PDF whose size is even about 50-60 MB.

Secondly, I also have to import a Database from other server to my server at DH. But php MyAdmin tells me max. size of DB allowed to be imported in only about 7 MB, which is very less.
Is there any way I could import a Database of size of around 50 MB?

Thanks and Regards.

Max File Size for Linux ext3: 2TB
you could upload your database dump to your DH first, them run it in shell.

If you are talking about uploading, you may need to be aware of apache limit: 2GB.

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Sounds like you are hitting the php limit. You have a few choices.
You can:
1)Change the php.ini file that is linked to the default php interpreter - Instructions on the wiki - php.ini
2)Upload your own copy of php and set the php.ini file - instructions on the wiki - php5.
3)Upload all your files via ftp and link to them
4)Do a google search for a pearl based upload program, CMS, and database admin. - an upload program has been mentioned several times on this forum.

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Thanks a lot for all of your responses.

Well, I have been reading and in process of learning and now I know that I was trying to upload files through one of Joomla Extension, which means it should be a problem of php.ini

So, let me read about php.ini more on links posted above.

By the way:

  • Am I the only foolish person who asked this question… or are there more novice people like me who ask such questions?

Thanks and Regards.

If you’re referring to the maximum upload size via php methods then yes, it involves a PHP setting.

The lines to look for in a PHP.INI to change the upload size are:

upload_max_filesize = [color=#0000CC]n[/color] and post_max_size = [color=#0000CC]n[/color]

Where [color=#0000CC]n[/color] is the upper limit required in MB.

Fools are those who don’t ask questions :wink:

Just as a friendly note, please post any more questions you might have in a forum other than the “Curious” section. This section is really for people who haven’t yet signed up to ask broader questions regarding DreamHost.

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After a few searches, I’m finding it difficult to locate file size limits on a general-purpose basis. Is 2GB what you are referring to?

Specifically, I want to publish mine and others’ works, both video and audio, and would like to NOT use embedded links from youtube and myspace video. I want to upload and contain these files directly on my DH account. I’m sure I’m not the first to do this, and that DH has specific rules regarding this type of media, considering the possibility of an ‘asplosion’ of popularity for a particular file.

I certainly do not intend to be a ‘youtube killer’ or anything of the sort, but what limits are defined for file size, numbers of such files, and general guidelines for this sort of site behavior?

One, more specific idea of mine is to create a local club and bar reference site, with vids of the action taking place at each. Rather than upload everything to youtube or similar site, then embedding it to my pages, can I just upload all the vids and link directly to them? What limits on size specifically are imposed? Will DH, at some point, start charging me for excessive load? If so, what point?

For now, my FTP tool is the one included within Dreamweaver, should that make a diff…

Thanks in advance.

Unlike other hosts, unlimited means unlimited at Dreamhost.

If your account is not of the ‘unlimited’ variety (mine isn’t) then I believe there are overage charges, but I have no clue as to what the charges are as the space & bandwidth provided to me is astronomical. I do recall when I read about the overage charges that they were extremely low in comparison to other online data serving solutions. Basically you can upload as much content as you like to be served from your website.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Awesome, good to know, and almost ridiculously fast response.

But is there a limit on the size of each file? You mentioned 2GB, I think, but that [now] sounds like it was specific to something else.

Patrick hinted at a 2G limit. Filesizes in the past were restricted by both filesystem and Apache. The older version had a ceiling of 2G. Apache released a newer version and httpd is now built with support for files larger than 2GB on modern 32-bit Unix systems. Support for handling >2GB request bodies has also been added.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Friggin awesome guys. I have to admit, at first I really didn’t expect this kind of ‘service’ from DH, considering the coupon/discount I used. I just heard a great deal, and snatched it up, assuming google and physically printed text would fill in the gaps of my knowledge [which are HUGE].

Upon further reading on other sites, like Gawker networks’ [where I heard of said deal], I’m finding that DH is rather well-respected by other webmasters, and that there is just a slew of info, advice, and the like in this forum.

It’s actually, IMO, similar in stature to ubuntuforums, which I’ve referred to on many occasion for all sorts of technical bailouts.

[end of DH testimonial]

Thanks again for the superquick response. I can’t wait to toss much bigger ideas around with you guys. It’ll be a while yet, but I hope to one day be able to contribute on a level similar to what I’m receiving so far.

Most of us here don’t work for DH, we’re just regular customers like you. I know what you mean about the forum tho. The thing I like best about about the regular users here is they aren’t just a bunch of fanboys like you get at other Host boards. If there’s something wrong here then the regulars are the first to point it out. And nothing gets deleted either - the DH Honchos don’t do that nazi sh!t that other Hosts do and remove all the negative posts in a vain attempt to hide any bad press.

Very cool place when all is said and done.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Not surprising. Disk storage isn’t a problem in future. Bandwidth will still be an issue. :frowning:

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How will bandwidth be an issue? Like if you’re Slashdotted? The real remaining issue would be CPU load. That’s the only thing you’ll get dinged on, other than crazy DB usage which happens less frequently.


Load balancer can help to reduce CPU load of a machine. All these issues can be solved by network professions. But how to increase the bandwidth of the world? Double the cables between the east and west? I think that is a big issue.

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I think we’re off-topic from the original question. I don’t see the relevance between the limit to the size of a particular file served under Apache and the problem of disk space on file or web servers, nor of the problem of bandwidth on a particular machine nor of the U.S. internet backbone nor of the capacity of undersea fiber.

I don’t think we’re running up against the capacity of pacific undersea fiber yet and we haven’t begun to see the impact of the creation of significant non-US peering points.

As for more traditional capacity increase for Asia, the Unity consortium is laying a new trans-pacific cable with capacity up to 7.68 Tbps between East Asia and the U.S. West Coast. The initially planned 4.6 Tbps will increase trans-pacific capacity by 20% in early 2010.

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