Mature Content with Forum

Hello I looking to set up a mature adult content that allows users to post pictures (legal ones), that provides a blog, and also a forum for users to post ads. Can I do this with Dreamhost? And is there support/help with setting up a forum, as in, the actual technical design. Is there a template for this? Please help. :wink:

Probably not:

Actually I think as long as you don’t try to run that on shared hosting (see the shared hosting addendum at the link kjodle gave) you’re fine as far as it being adult content. You will have problems with user submitted content tho, you’ll find that its hard to keep up removing copyrighted material and material with illegal content (such as underage).

no there really isn’t that type of help available. Supports there to help with specific issues, but they aren’t a training, hand holding, or design service.