Matching SQL to upladed files

I’m not that great with SQL…Ok not even close to good. My situation is I’ve uploaded a new add on for my Joomla run site and now need to make a database to allow the app to work. So how do I match up an app I’ve uploaded to my director with a SQL? Hope this makes sense.

Here’s a handy wiki article on it:


Thanks. I’ve read over the wiki…I’m still not sure what I’m doing. I have a few programs I want to use with my site. One is Thyme (online calendar program) and another will be an online event manager system. Steps I’ve taken so far:

Uploaded the Thyme program into my site directory under a folder called “thyme”. But if I understand the thyme program will also need to pair with a database.

So I need to learn how to get the thyme software up and going since its not a one click install. Another way to ask this question is what process happens during a one click install?

One click does the following:
Installs the software in the proper directories.
Sets up the appropriate database.
Configures the software for the domain, paths, and database.
Populates the database.

If you go manual, it sounds like you’ve already installed the software. What’s left is to create a database, as described in the wiki. Then configure the software to log into the database. And finally run your software setup, which may be as simple as pointing your web browser to (give that a try).


Good to hear I’ve gotten something going right and thank you Scott for talking about how to do this. Yep I’ve created the database and I’ve installed the software. So…

In general how would one configure the software to log into the database?

I’ve went to the my and I get the 404 not found page in my browser.

Try (or add index.php or index.html as well)
Hopefully, inside the thyme directory is an index.php or index.html, or some sort of index. There also may be a config.php file you may have to edit with your database information.