Mastodon/GNUSocial 1-Click

Any chance that there will someday be 1-Click support for Mastodon and/or GNUSocial? They look cool and I’d like to install an instance on one of my domains, but my level of competence is somewhere between “Knows just enough to be dangerous” and “Who let this guy have ftp access?”

I found instructions for how to use SSH to install GNUSocial that seem simple enough, but I’d rather have something that looks and feels more like Mastodon.

I wouldn’t look for dreamhost to add this one click install. In general, the one click library at dreamhost is pretty forgotten. Wordpress stays up to date, but the rest of them are often MANY versions behind, and rarely do new ones get added.

Dive in. Installations are usually pretty easy to do and don’t take too much time. Caveat: If the instructions you are following have you unzipping locally (on your computer) and then uploading files and folders, don’t proceed as instructed, come back here with a link to those instructions and we’ll help figure out how to download the distribution file directly to the server and then unzip or untar it on the dreamhost server. Doing it that way saves hours and is less prone to errors.

Once you do this once or twice you come to realize there aren’t too many more clicks to install your own.

Funny you mention Mastodon :slight_smile: I started looking at it and boy, it’s not a simple product to install. It has lots of dependencies and different pieces, I seriously doubt it will become a 1-click install in the foreseeable future.

If anybody feels like experimenting (and get up to $100 credit on DreamHost), write a tutorial on how to install Mastodon on DreamCompute: that would seem to be the quicker way to get it running.