Master user account

Is there user account, that can view every directory in a hosting plan space.

I got user when payed for hosting, then I added another one and set permision for for that other user, now when I login with my default username I cant see the files.

There’s no “master” account that can see all of your directories for each user, no. Users are given their own directory (ie. /home/mousee).

You could however create a custom group (via the panel), chgrp all of your directories under your 2nd user’s account (via ssh, which you’ll need to enable via the panel as well), and give access to that group to your main user. Then you could access the other user’s directories… but only via SSH I believe, unless symlinking works, which I haven’t tried.

More info about such things can be found in the [url]DH Wiki[/url]. It would be a rather complex, advanced setup though… so I don’t really recommend attempting what I described above unless you’re comfortable working in a *nix environment :wink:

i tried it a while back and it didn’t.

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thank you,

about wiki, Im planning on doing short video tutorials, for dreamhost newbies like me :), just to make shure they doing things right way.