Massive Price Hike!

I just got a renewal email through and was stunned to see the price has jumped MASSIVELY.

Is this across the board for everyone?

Did anyone get notified this was going to happen?

I’ve gone from:

$119.40 for a 1 year renewal
$155.88 for a 1 year renewal

A 30% increase with zero notification!

Anyone suggest an alternative as that is simply unacceptable!


Going by recent posts over the past couple of months it seems everyone has been hit with the price hike. As for alternative options there a obviously thousands out there but I haven’t seen any “solid” recommendations in this forum (at least concerning shared servers).

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Was anyone notified?
That’s a massive price increase to try and slip under the radar!

I can only speak from personal experience. I wasn’t notified.

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My main concern now is if they just drop a 30% increase out of the blue then what else will get suddenly increased?
How can I be sure that in a years time they wont do the same?
I notice domain renewals are also more expensive than previously…
Not a good look. Did DH get bought out or anything?

I think they were bought out years ago, but I have no clue if majority ownership has changed hands (again?) recently. It’s not something I ever bothered looking into.

Yeah, even their domain registration fees are insanely high. I just moved the last handful of my own over to Namecheap (only because I already have domains there) and saved a packet, although places like Porkbun are even cheaper – as in about half price. Seems to me they’re banking on pulling low-information WP users in with marketing and charging them an arm and a leg at every point.

Sadly I have no doubt at all that this will actually be incredibly successful, so there will be no consolation given to the oldskool clients who might hang on for dear life hoping the glory days will suddenly return.

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Yea I was pretty surprised seeing some of the domain prices, will start migrating those away as that is a simpler process than moving all my hosting which will be a slower more arduous process.

A heads-up on domain migration. They set an automtic 3-day hold on your transfers when you go through the Panel process and you have to visit an undisclosed link and confirm you want to transfer right bloody now, tyvm.

Only discovered that tidbit after chatting to a support guy as they don’t tell you about that hinderance in the email sent out upon reception of a transfer request.

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Very good to know!

Thanks @sXi,

One of my clients are requested to be moved to a host that provides the email forwarding feature. I see a lot of work on my end going forward. This sucks as I am effectively loosing them as a client in the process. :frowning:

I will be transferring their domain and files sometime this month. This is good info to know.

Set them up with their own mailserver. They’ll (continue to) think you’re a rock star because you are and will remain a client for all the right reasons.

I rather not manage additional mail servers per client.

Thanks though! :slight_smile:


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