Massive email problems

All of our email accounts are experiencing problems. Most cannot recieve email. One account I set up at 9 this morning is still not active (it is now 2:30 pm). Some accounts are receiving multiple copies of the same emails that were sent yesterday.

We’ve been having intermittent email problems for the last 2 weeks but today things have reached a crisis point. I’ve sent 3 trouble tickets to Dreamhost since yesterday afternoon and so far I’ve heard nothing from them. In the meantime, our email problems continue to get worse. This is totally unacceptable. Dreamhost has to fix these problems NOW or lose a customer. We simply can’t afford unreliable email.

There are not any known system-wide problems that would be causing this. If you have not yet heard back from our support team, the problem may be complex and require some investigation.

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System-wide or not, we’re experiencing a variety of problems with our email. One account in particular cannot POP mail off the server. Incoming mail shows up in webmail, but is not downloadable in POP. I’ve sent in 4 trouble tickets about this issue over the last 2 days and it’s yet to be resolved.

Also, I have to say that I’ve experienced a marked decline in the overall quality of service from Dreamhost in the last couple of months. Things like intermittent mail server outages, duplicate emails appearing in peoples’ inboxes, and glacially slow response time from the control panel (it took about 4 minutes just to log me in this morning!) are becoming almost daily occurrances.

I have different but equally disturbing e-mail problems.

When I create a new ftp/e-mail combo acount I get a message telling me that the FTP is up and running (great!) and it took over 3 hours to get another e-mail telling me that the e-mail account is generated also. But guess what? The e-mail account doesn’t work. I can’t pop3 to it (I could send to it and it no longer bounced) and I can’t log in via but I can log in at to control it, little use that is. I have deleted and re-created these accounts several times but something in the cron job is so FUBAR that it will not make them correctly.

I reported the issue this morning to no avail…

This might not be a system wide problem but sure affects two of us!

Add to the above the fact that I have to wait minutes for any page to load and I’m not a happy camper. And just to think that the slowness and webmail issues supposedly have been resolved on 5/27 makes me wonder how bad it was before, as of now it’s completely unusable…

[quote]But guess what? The e-mail account doesn’t work


I’ve had this problem on and off ever since I started using DH. I find a stuck mailbox always starts working between me sending a Support request an

[quote]Add to the above the fact that I have to wait minutes for
any page to load and I’m not a happy camper.


Support say this is a known issue due to databse problems, and they are working to fix it but have no timescale.

[quote]as of now it’s completely unusable…


If you mean doesn;t respond at all, that happens I find when the panel is taken down for maintenance (an larmingly frequent event) in the middle of my session. Go back to and you see the outage notice.