Massive Amount of SPAM JUNK EMAIL

i do not know what switch got flicked at the DreamHost HQ but all of a sudden {over the last month} i am getting an incredible amount of spam email!! i have been with dreamhost since 2004 and it has been great for all of my email - but KABOOM we are experiencing SPAM overload!!! HELP!!

Same here, I used to login to webmail once a week or so and clear out 1-10 junk emails. Now its 100 a day and half are going thru to my email. would love to know if anything can be done to help.

Same here, started about a month ago. About 150 /day now.

OK GANG - here is what i have done and what DH has said…

On Sun, 10 Aug 2014, i wrote:
guys what has happened?? i have had all my email with you since 2004. and in
the last couple of months JUNK EMAIL has gone mental. i am getting so much
spam it is CRAZY!!! help!!

they replied:
Hi there!

I’m terribly sorry for the issue with the bombardment of spam for your
mail user…

Unfortunately, I don’t see the mail user that this is occurring on being
reported and you have a ton of domains hosted with us. I see that not all
of them have anti-spam filters enabled, so if it’s occurring on a user
hosted on a domain that does not have anti-spam filters enabled, you may
want to get that setup. This link below has details on how to get that

If you do have the anti-spam filters enabled and are still being
bombarded with spam, we will need to know the mail users affected and if
you can provide the full header details of one of the examples, we can
check that out. Also, if you’re noticing any trends with the junk being
received, you may want to consider setting up message filters to have
those messages deleted:

Please reply back with the affected mail users along with any specifics
to the issue so we can examine the issue further and in more detail.

Thank you kindly,

Jin K.

via twitter:
@DreamHost is there something going on with spam email? have u changed your junk mail filters? i am getting swamped with junk mail!! spam!

@djpaine You may want to enable spam filters for your domains We emailed you some suggestions; I hope that helps! *ES

Typically useless response. It’s been happening to my clients too - vast piles of spam (as well as DH being blacklisted as a spammer).

I love DreamHost. I hate DreamHost mail. My clients don’t want to pay for separate mail hosting and web hosting, and I’d rather have everything in one place.

I’m done.

help dreamhost!

I double checked that I had junk mail filtering enabled and I did. The fact that many of us just started having a problem in the last month seems to indicate that something broke on DH’s end.

yes! I’ve also been getting a massive amount of spam on all of my accounts in the past month. The same emails sent to all accounts, so yes I’m also assuming this is a larger problem on Dreamhost’s end. I also have filtering enabled. Dreamhost sent me the same lame canned response too.

I guess you have to define “many”. The fact is, most of us simply don’t have this issue. I see a lot of belly-aching here, but not one of you has done something useful, like simply mentioning which mail server you are on, so that we can compare notes and see if something really did break on DH’s end.

Two links to the Dreamhost wiki were given. Have you read those articles and tried the things mentioned there? Did you try all the things mentioned there, or did you skip over the bits you didn’t understand? Did things function smoothly after trying to implement something, or did you get an error message, or did things break entirely?

And have the rest of you experienced the same thing, or are the others getting emails from all over?

You can complain all you want, and that’s your right, but if you want help figuring something out, you’ve got to give the people who can help you more (and better) information. There is a solution. Clarke’s Third Law need not apply.

Way to be friendly and jhelpful, kjodle. Bet you’re a blast at parties.

Before I contacted Dreamhost, I already had read those articles and had set up junk mail filters. The spam just keeps on coming, and it started about a month ago for me also (before that, I got very little). The same emails to all accounts, in my case, which leads me to believe that it’s not specific email addresses that are being targeted. I decided to visit this forum this morning to see if anyone was experiencing the same problem. And it looks like other people are indeed.

So yes I’m also assuming this is a larger problem on Dreamhost’s end. I contacted support and frustratingly they sent me the same canned response that djpaine received after I told them that I had already enabled their junk mail filtering.

If you have any suggestions, or a solution, by all means please share it. I’ll try anything at this point.

I’m on homiemail-sub5. Anyone else?

At least it got you to post something useful, like which mailserver you’re on. If everyone else follows up with similar information, you (or the DH staff) may be able to spot a trend or pattern which can help nail this down. It has to be better than a long string of complaints which does nobody any good whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, wherever I go, it’s a party.

I have the same problem with spam, about 1 1/2 - 2 month now, Anti-spam is active, I am on homiemail-sub4, i keep blocking new sender every time i open outlook, this is starting to become a real annoyance

I’m on homiemail-sub4 as well and have spamassassin enabled domain wide and using a imap folder called Spam and tagging set at 1.6. Some mail gets tagged and placed in the spam folders but a lot does not. Looking at the headers on mail that is not tagged, there are not any x-spam headers listed on them whereas the ones that get filtered do have the x-spam headers. I don’t understand why every email does not have x-spam headers. Some of the documentation for spam filtering on the wiki looks outdated. There’s one link dealing with procmail for instance. I’m on shared hosting, should I follow those instructions? There is a warning at the top that says it changed after April 2008.

I would rather use the Dreamhost email servers and not have the added expense of an outside email source, but so far I am not impressed.

Same issue here. Utterly appalling amount of spam. It started about 6 weeks ago with a lot of French language mail, then escalated over the last 2-3 weeks with the usual background check alerts, Russian brides, child sex offender notifications, etc. Nasty stuff. Dealing with this in my inbox is costing me time and money. The problem is getting worse. It this isn’t fixed soon, I’ll be moving all my sites elsewhere and never recommending dreamhost to anyone.

It’s incomprehensible how an anti-spam configuration can be so poor compared to Mimecast/Gmail.

Server is: homemail-sub5.

What concerns me most is that I’m getting spam at unique and undisclosed email addresses that I have never used or published, which makes me think that the server data has been compromised in some way.

Dreamhost, please clarify your position immediately.

was there ever any solution to this? i’m bombarded also for about the last month or so. i can’t make heads or tails of what the anti-spam numbers should be so I just keep dicking around with different settings. doesn’t help any. after the wordpress hack of all my sites and now this maybe it’s time to move on. been here since 2006 but damn I don’t have time for all this shit.

Yes my email is also getting a huge amount of spam now. Maybe 3 months it’s been going on. 200+ per day. Quarantine has been set to 2 and never changed . On this Server homiemail-master… Help!

I am on homiemail-sub4, I have been receiving 100+ spam per day for quite a while. The spam filter lets quite a few through. The way DH has configured spamassasin does not let anyone train the filter, so it won’t learn to block new types of spam. I don’t know if DH ever updates the training database.

I have resorted to using spamdrain to filter my mail, very few spam gets through now.

Also on homiemail-sub4. No changes to my SpamAssassin settings in months.

Spam volume has increased drastically the past few weeks, I used to get maybe a half-dozen leakers through SpamAssassin a day, now it’s more than 10x that. Secondary spam filtering in Outlook catches maybe 90% that leak though.

A lot of the messages clearly are the same type of content, I would have hoped Dreamhost’s SpamAssassin would’ve been updated to catch 'em by now, but it’s been several weeks…

Multiple tweets to Dreamhost have gone unanswered as well. Would be greatly appreciated if Dreamhost would look into this…

there is a pattern here!

i have set the filters, am adding domains to the blacklist, changing spam scores etc…
am slowly getting less but it is still annoying!!

why isn’t there a private email solution thingy where i can FORWARD a spammer email to an address at DreamHost and it automatically goes on the blacklist?? is that doable??

Same problem, same story! Since 1 1/2 month - 2months. 20 to 40 spams per hour. Something changed somewhere that’s for sure.

Seriously dreamhost, will you help?