Mass subscription to discussion list

This is for a distribution list. Mass subscription allows me to enter email addresses.

What’s the syntax to enter email addresses AND associated member names?

Or do I have to add the member names later, in a separate step, one-by-one?

Eep. Using discussion lists for mass mailing is a violation of our spam policy, as subscriptions aren’t confirmed by the user – please don’t do that. Mass mailing need to go through our Announce List system, or through an approved opt-in list management system.

Thanks for the clarification, and the quick answer, but that isn’t what I’d intended. Perhaps I didn’t explain clearly enough.

I manage another list, hosted elsewhere, that has been down for a few days now. It’s a discussion list, for people concerned about coal mines and coalbed methane development on Vancouver Island, with about 100 subscribers. The associated domain,, will explain the immediate project.

So I figured I’d create one in the Dreamhost account. I wanted to add the list of subscribers from the not functioning list to the new list at Dreamhost, but all I could figure out how to do was add email addresses, when what I want to do is add their email addresses and names. That’s what my post to the discussion forum was asking. It’s a one-time only “mass” subscription of only about 100 people. After that, it’s just maintenance.

“Mass” is not my term, it’s the term for the function I want, which is used on the list management control

It’s definitely a discussion list I want, though, as we need to be able to talk on the list, not just listen.

Does that sound okay? No mass posting. No spam. Ever.

Can you answer my question about how I add the names with the email addresses?


I thought that Discussion List was still opt-in. Were someone to plug in a bunch of email addresses, it would send out verification emails to all those addresses before subscribing them.