"New to web design?"

" - or even the Internet itself?"
See above.

I am, however, feeling like I’m on Mars here.

Where do my files go? Why am I offered a built-in ftp utility, but then asked for a different user name? And where do I set this up? And why is the closest thing I can find to an answer from 2009 (thread-119855.html)?

The reputation got me here. The (lack of) direction is making me quickly regret that decision.


I just ran a search for “ftp set up” (not in quotes), and dreamhost tells me "Sorry, but no results were returned using the query information you provided. "

What a joke

port: 21
Use the username & password you registered at DH.

Upload you files to your-domain-name.tld
(replace with your actual domain)

this might help