Mapping to shared server


I have a domain hosted and registered somewhere else. Is it possible to direct the domain to my space in the shared server at Dreamhost without having it fully hosted at DH?

If so, how can I configure it?

Thank you

Absolutely! “Fully Hosted” is only one of the ways you can “house” your domain in your “space” at Dreamhost. You can also set the domain up to be:

  • Redirected
  • Mirrored
  • Parked
  • Cloaked
    • Just visit the Manage Domains->Add a Domain section of the control panel, and complete the appropriate “box” for how you want it configured. The boxes/forms for the choices other than “Fully Hosted” are probably “below the fold” on your screen (just scroll the page down). Complete the chosen form, and you are “good to go”

Thank you for the help! I will give it a try!