Mapping a subdomain


I have a domain (say, registered with enom, which I use with Google Sites/Apps and is mapped accordingly.

I would like to map my Dreamhost account to a subdomain of my domain only (as the main domain is already mapped to Google) – can it be done? If so, how? What credentials would I use to connect to FTP in that case?

Any help is much appreciated and thank you in advance :slight_smile:

As long as you’re using the DreamHost name servers, it’s doable. The mapping is just CNAME records in DreamHost’s DNS.

Subdomains are independent of domains. Once you create a fully hosted subdomain, you can FTP to using the username and password you selected for that fully hosted subdomain.


I have already added a cname record pointing from my subdomain to a dreamhost server ( It’s not working and neither does the FTP :frowning:

Can you please detail a little bit?

It sounds like you’re not using a DreamHost server. You won’t need a CNAME if you’ve set up a fully hosted subdomain.

The easiest way to configure DNS is to log into a DreamHost shell account and type:
and get the IP address. Then add an A record to your DNS for