Mapping a subdomain to an ftp server

At the moment I run via DH shared hosting. I make video so I use the ftp space a lot - at the moment I have to send people a link like this -

and give them the username & password, or

which sometimes doesn’t work - plus I think it looks a bit unprofessional to have this orangebang thing cropping up in the address.

It would be great if I could map something like

to - so that people never have to see the orangebang bit.

Is this possible?

I think so…

Add a CNAME entry. It’s like a DNS alias

Please let me know if that works

Use promocode TECHFRIEND and get an additional lifetime domain when you sign up for a now Dreamhost hosting plan! should work. However, do note that giving FTP access to another user gives them full access to that FTP account – there’s no way to lock it down to a single directory or prevent them from modifying your files.

aha! doesn’t work for me but does. I have lots of FTP users set up for different clients anyway so full access to each account isn’t a problem.

Thanks for your help!