Mapped my domain to, but now want to transfer to Dreamhost 1click



My original WP blog was, but then I bought my domain - and mapped it to my blog a year ago.

Problem: Now I want to host my website with my dreamhost, but when I do the 1click install and get my confirmation email, the email sends me to my new admin:

but it ALWAYs redirects me to my admin login:


So I can’t log in to the new WP admin! I don’t want my website to go down, so I was hoping to keep my old site live while I set up my new site and import all the pages first onto my site using the WP export files from

Can you explain how I do this?


In case anyone was wondering, I figured it out after 8 hours of searching. In the end, there was no post online ANYWHERE that actually explains this, even though people experience this trouble all the time.

Here is the deal: sometimes when you want to ‘map’ a domain through, they actually buy the domain for you through godaddy and host it through google.apps. It seems like you’re being hosted through WP, but actually it’s google apps, and you use your site through To make this more confusing, Wordpress also does sell domains and offers hosting, so when you google how to get help for all of this, you get a bunch of advice that doesn’t apply to you in your situation, but seems to match your situations perfectly.


Shalon, thank you for posting that. I knew WP sub-contracted through godaddy for domains (and uncoupling from that has been a big drama), but not that they’re using Google Apps for that.