Map/redirect domain to dynamic IP


Hi all,

Is there a way to basically assign a URL in a shared hosting environment from the terminal to an arbitrary IP address so it re-reroutes? Basically I’m looking to have a simple redirect that I can keep up to date with the IP of my home internet. I could easily auto log in to the SSH server and run a script, but I don’t know if I can access what I need from the terminal?

Otherwise I’m thinking I could just drop a simple HTML file on the domain name that just redirects, and alter that at a set interval…though I consider this to be a little more hacky.

For example, I sometimes RDP into my home boxes, and would prefer to not have to keep track of my home IP address manually.



if your domain is fully hosted and you want to add then navigate to “manage domains” in the panel and click the DNS link for After the next page loads, fill out the section titled “Add a custom DNS record to________”

name: home (or whatever you want to name the subdomanin)
type: A
value: your home IP address

Save it.

Remember DNS changes are not instant, expect anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours delay/lag for propagation.