Map Domain Name to current Hosting

So I have hosting thru my school but Id like to have a more personalized Domain Name then the long string they give us. Ive already gone thru the Domain Name registration process but I cant seem to figure out how to map it back to my own sever. What should I be doing?

Have you tried redirecting/cloaking it?

You do this under the domain tab. By your domain name find the link that says edit and do it from there.

Hope this helps!


If I check the Domains > Registration tab it indicates that I have registered a Domain name thru DreamHost.

If I check the Domain > Manage Domains tab it indicates that I have No Domains

If I look at my account overall it says I have 0 Plans (not the 0 Plan that I want, but ZERO Plans) but I have a registered Domain Name.

I really dont know what to do now other then hope that I get some response to the email I sent to Dreamhost

did you sign up for hosting, as well as registering the domain?


mmmm no I didnt since I have my own hosting.

Ok, so just go into the Panel > Domains > registration. You should be able to click modify across from your domain - and just point the name servers to your schools.

If you can’t just point your domain to their name servers, I’m not sure if you can add a cloaked or mirrored domain with no hosting account or not. I don’t see anything off hand on the Dreamhost website about what services they offer with domain registration.

You may want to contact support and see what your options are if you can’t set the name servers to forward on to your school.