Map a folder on my ftp to a drive letter in win 7


Hello, I would like to map a folder on my ftp to a drive letter in windows 7 (x64 professional). I’ve been as far as the Map Network Drive screen: Windows 7 Map Network Drive panel

Typing immediately results in the error "Windows cannot access " BUT if I use the link below (“Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures”) Windows allows me to create a link to the folder of my choice on the ftp - but it’s not mapped to a drive letter.

How do I get this mapped to a drive letter?


So you did all this

You won’t get a drive letter but you can use the drive correct?

I think you’d have to use something like NetDrive…



Yes I did most of that except follow the 12-year-old instructions (from cybernetnews), =) I was trying to follow the instructions and nothing was matching up and finally I looked at the article’s date - 1999! Yikes. Anyways, netdrive did the trick in about 1 minute. Amazing. Thank you!