Many issues

i have many questions:
*when i create a form, and i put the php action in the same folder, is just a common action to send emails with the info of the form, why the php dont work, i need to put it into any special folder?
*im uploading new info to one of the webs but when i acces the web, i cant see the new version, im doing fine the upload, to right folders and all int the same way as always, and also i press refresh but still dont work.
*when i log into webpanel and then into the users section, to manage users, i cant see the space used by each users.

  1. PHP doesn’t belong in a special folder. What does it do that shows it isn’t working? If you post the URL of your form, we can take a look.

  2. This is usually a cache issue. Try either clearing your browser’s cache, force a reload, or a different browser.

  3. Manage Users shows a “Disk Used” column. Is it there, or is it blank? Also look at Status -> Disk Usage which will show space used by user.