Many initial problems


Although i am new user and a bit unused to the new conditions of the host,i have noticed that there are problems about the following things first:
-One-Click Installs!,i wanted to install Joomla to check how the system works,i changed my mind and gave up but does not manage to uninstall software,in section Manage Installed Applications which should remove the software installation there is just a message "Manage Installed Applications

You don’t have any applications installed on this account. Click the button above to install one!",i do not see way how to uninstall software,the worst is all the software files in the root,as i have not found a way how to make them as fast as the outlines of this process takes a long time!!.

Another problem is deleting databases,after deleting the same database still exists in phpMyAdmin.

Next, i use FileZilla FTP,everyone knows how long it takes time to delete files from the root,some hosts use file manager with that much faster deleted files,is there a system to quickly delete?

In the end these are the basic things that i noticed,i heard only good recommendations for this host i hope to help some of these problems and of course the continuation of good cooperation.