Many 500 Errors

My Website is
I had many 500 Errors specially with my old host and moved to dreamhost for this

but now i have the same problem and i was tried many things for this but didn’t work
when i browse the Admin section i have this issues and i think my website traffics is not that big to have this problem many times

any idea about this?

Check your server logs. They’re in your home directory under logs/ (or https). Look at error.log and access.log

Quite often it’s a PHP script running into a problem…sometimes running out of memory.

My logs folder are empty!

Are you using ftp? Log folders do appear to be empty when not using SFTP or SSH.

oh I’m not used to work with SSH yet
here what i found

Maybe this guide will provide you some help:

Get comfortable and try these suggestions, take note of all your steps, make a backup before you get started and post here your progress as you go. Good luck.

PS if you get stuck or need more help, open a ticket with