Managing short-term mailbox changes

When one of our mailbox owners went on vacation, I edited her email address to forward to another person. Now she’s back but I can’t point her email address back to her mailbox.

Under Mail > Addresses > Edit, after clicking the checkbox for “also deliver to this DreamHost mailbox”, the dropdown list does not include her mailbox. In fact, only three mailboxes appear, out of the 15 or 20 that are active.



[quote]the dropdown list does not include her mailbox


A snag with that list is that it includes only mailboxes with no addresses. So perhaps your missing mailbox had a second address, still present.

And the addresses page now makes it very difficult to find out which when there are many entries. Use Opera or another browser with page search to search for the mailbox name, or View Source.

Thanks for the thought.

The only other address used with the mailbox was deleted months ago. The single remaining address is now listed under forwarding-only and associating it with its former mailbox seems impossible.

I can still see the “lost” mailbox under Users > Passwords, though.


This is a known problem with the DH panel. When it has happened to be I’ve reported it to Support and they’ve recovered the mailboxes from what they call “a sort of no-mans-land” in which they can sometimes go astray.

Thanks, chrisjj. Glad to know it’s not just me. Support request went in 5 hours ago.