Managing Domains


I have installed a wordpress site which I will like to make the main site when viewers type but when I go to manage domains and set the path to setup the index page, the wordpress does not show the theme, it just shows the text of the wordpress. I need help with this. Here is where the wordpress exist:

thanks in advanced,



It looks like you’ve changed things back. But for what you asked, you’ll also have to change the path in wp-admin

Does this mean you’re dropping the existing main site at www.



I guess so, I don’t need it anymore. I will use the wordpress as the main site.


just tried changing options-general.php and it does not work, it still gives me the page with no theme and I cannot log in to the dashboard. Any ideas? take a look i’ll leave it for a couple more minutes…




Sorry, went to bed. Next time you try, view the HTML for that page and look for paths of some of the theme files. I’ve looked through the WordPress database tables and don’t see any other URL references that would throw this off.