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i’m not sure how to clear out the folder for my domain so that i can install wordpress to the main directory. a friend said ftp should work, but i don’t have ftp. is there another way to do it?

You can use WebFTP which is available in the panel here under Manage Domains. Or download your own free FTP client, like Filezilla.

hey scott:

i tried from the manage domains > webftp link, and i get the following error:

An error has occured
Unable to connect to FTP server on port 21.

Are you sure this is the address of the FTP server? This is often different from that of the HTTP (web) server. Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.

Is your site? That one isn’t hosted here.

that’s strange, it says it is “fully hosted” on the “manage domains page”. Here is a screenshot:

Even if it’s “Fully Hosted” here, your registrar (where you paid for your domain registration) needs to point here to use your Fully Hosted site. It looks like is registered here, but the WHOIS information points to WSPISP.NET for hosting. You will have have to change this from this page:

Click the checkbox for “Modify Whois” and then click the blue Modify Whois button at the bottom. The bottom of the next screen is where you set your name servers. Right now it says WSPISP.NET, but you can click the “Set DreamHost name servers” button to start serving your site here at DreamHost.

Thank you Scott, that did it.