Managing Company Email

I’m the “lead” of an indie company and we have an account with DH, domain is

Now, I want to setup an email for each dept lead in the studio (in the form so they can use them for recruitment/contact purposes.

However, I also want a way to be able to monitor all incoming/outgoing mail (to ensure the emails that are going out are not harming company image etc) without having to sign into each account.

What are the suggestions?

-Karan Bhangui

You can setup new email address in the Mail: Manage Email section of the Control Panel. When you setup a new address (or if you edit an existing address) you have the option to forward email to other addresses. You can set it up so that all incoming mail is forwarded to you.

Outgoing mail is a different matter. You’ll need to ask someone else about that.

It is worth noting that several countries (and certain US states, including California) have privacy laws governing employee email. In some cases, direct monitoring of email is illegal and you are entitled only to monitor certain aspects (addresses, wordcount, images, attachments, etc.)

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I still would like to know a way i can just access all accounts through one master account or something.

But your idea seems to be fine.

The employees will not use these emails for personal purposes and will probably want me to check their accounts for hr work etc, so it’s probably easier if i have full access anyways. Any suggestions?

As far as a method that’s already in place for a master account, there isn’t one.

It should be possible to script it so that copies are pulled from each E-mail address and placed into a master account, provided that each E-mail is also set up as a user (this give you ssh access to the E-mails). The script shouldn’t be overly complicated, but it’s not going easy either. Here’s the basics of what’s I’m envisioning:

Several E-mail address set up with users.
A bash script goes into the maildir at the end of every day (for example) and copies the E-mails to a directory in your “master account” You set up IMAP directories to keep track of who’s sending and receiving what E-mail.

Each time you need to add a new account or change an E-mail address you’ll also have to go in and update the script.

That’s the basics anyways. I have no clue what your skill level is when it comes to this sort of thing, but if you want a little help the wiki has some articles that will help you out - as well as google. Here’s some key words; SSH (access to the server), Bash Script (the coding to copy E-mails), Cron (the scheduler to have your script run on a regular basis), and IMAP mail directories.

Hope this helps, and isn’t too confusing.

–Matttail - personal website

Hmm i’m no advanced web-programmer but i do get the gist of what you’re saying.

I’ve actually found a few opensource “centralized” email managers on sourceforge:

Index listing:

Example program:

How would i go about installing something like xerxes without direct server access (i have ftp and cp access).


well, basically you need to get SSH access set up. See the wiki article on SSH access. I don’t know if you can set that software up on DH or not, there wasn’t any documentation unless you download the file.

Possible someone else has experience with that program or an other, but I don’t. Sorry.

–Matttail - personal website