Managing blog images

Warning: I’m not completely ignorant to the ways of the interwebs, but I’m not fluent in tech talk.

I’m hoping to find a quick solution for blogging images I find online. My website is dedicated to savings… couponing, freebies, samples, local businesses, daily deal sites, etc. This requires LOTS of individual posts every day, spread across multiple categories and even separate blogs under separate subdomains. So if I find a coupon for a restaurant, I’ll need to store an image on my hosting (so as to not “hotlink” or whatever it’s called), then make a new blog post and stick the image in it. You can imagine how time consuming it’d be to do this 10-20+ times per day.

Firefox has a thing where you can right click an image and click “Add to PicasaWeb”. I’ve been using this and it eliminates the process of saving the image to my computer and then loading it. But this has its drawbacks- 1) it’s not on my hosting (I don’t think I need to explain why this isn’t good); 2) the image url doesn’t include my domain and all that jazz (I want the image location to be mysite(dot)com/images/blahblah/storelogo(dot)jpg

Is there anything - either through dreamhost or elsewhere - that would make storing images on my hosting any quicker? Something that would allow me to right click and load it somehow? Or save a copy of it using the original image’s location?

The ideal product I’m looking for would work like the Firefox/picasaweb right click add-on except save the image to a specified location/folder on my hosting. Are there sites similar to picasaweb that allow you to save images to your own host while using their system to access/manage it? They’re much more user friendly and easier to navigate.

PS- feel free to tell me the proper ways to convey what I’m trying to say…for my future reference.


you have alot of words and products listed here that I am not really familiar with, so it is possible that i am not really understanding what you want to do, but i think what you want to be able to do is right click an image that is already on the web and save it to a directory in a dreamhost domain for us on a dreamhost site and you know how to do this now but you would like to cut out a few steps if possible.

I also have to assume your workstation is windows based, and if it is there may be a windows function that will help you. Unfortunately Microsoft changes the steps to set it up with each new windows, and how others windows options are set also effects the steps. So here is a rough set of instructions based on windows 7. The end result is you can right click and save to an images directory on dreamhost.

1 - open “computer” (formally known as “My computer” or “windows explorer”)
2 - click "map network drive"
3 - click "connect to a website that you can use to store your documents and pictures"
4 - click “next” when the add network location wizard pops up.
5 - click “Choose a custom network location” and "next"
6 - in the blank type something like “” this will begin with “ftp://” but the rest must match your info. NOTE: due to the home directory on dreamhost is used the first time to refer to the domain, the second time it refers to the directory that is in your home directory.
7 - click "next"
8 - UNCHECK login anonymously and provide your ftp/shell login. and click "next"
9 - name your connection or press next to accept the default but remember what this name is. hint: short is better “blogimg” maybe?
10 - make sure we reconnect on startup
10 - click next and finish

A window will open and you will be prompted for your password. This is the password that matches the user you specified in #8 above

Now when you right click and save your images from the web instead of saving to your local drive like C: or My Documents or whatever, you want to find that name from #9 above and save it there. This means you will be right clicking and saving to your dreamhost directory instead of your local computer, that should save you a couple steps.
LMAO at microsoft: I’m looking at this on two different windows 7 systems as I type. The “reconnect at startup” checkbox appears at different steps in the wizard on each system!! One on system its all by itself on the next to the last screen of the wizard, on the other system it is asked with the login block in step 8. NO WONDER no one ever documents how to do stuff like this using windows.

Have a look at this WordPress plugin “Add Linked Images To Gallery” do not know if it works, have not tried it, but if it does it will solve you problem

Thanks!! This will help a lot. One more question- if I put this on a “computer that isn’t mine” that runs on a network, is it going to throw any red flags? Would it look any different than using the net2ftp site to load things?

I have no idea how to answer that question. it’s basic windows functions that ftp files, and no software is installed.