Manage Multiple FTP Users

As you know, all the domains managed by a FTP account are seen when logged in to that FTP user. I am wondering if it is possible to “up a level” to view all the FTP users owned by my Web ID as shown here:

– FTP User 1
– FTP User 2

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Maybe is this what you are looking for, it’s not the thing you wanted, but I think that it’s somewhat clear which (ftp)user which domain “owns”
(combination of “users” and “domains hosted”) rocks! (so does my site :))
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Thank you for your reply. I was aware of this page. However, I was hoping to find a login that would put me one level above an individual FTP user.

For example, let’s say I have an ftp user named “myweb01” and an ftp user “ourweb02”. myweb01 owns domains and ourweb02 owns domains and If I log in to each FTP user, I see the domain folders. BUT, these two FTP users are “owned” by the web id “kingweb”. I’d like to be able to log in to “kingweb” and see the folders “myweb01” and “ourweb02”. And if I drilled into each ftp folder, I’d see their respective domains.

Does this description make sense? As best as I can tell, this is not possible. BUT, it sure would be cool!

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i see where you’re getting at, but i don’t think there’s such a thing. (except the panel)

Would be nice though rocks! (so does my site :))
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On shared hosting your ftp user accounts won’t be under your webid.

Each ftp user gets a web ID so it looks like this:

MyWebId - ftp user1

YourWebId - ftp user2

etc …

That is why sometimes you can not have the webid you’d like when creating a new ftp user. If that name is already taken by a different user on that same shared server you can’t have it.

I’ve also been on the look out to what you are after.
I’d like to be able to see and check the users I have given an ftp account to by browsing their folders via ftp. But unless you log into ftp using their username & pass you cant.

Or is there a way around this?

I don’t think this is possible.

I’ve tried.

The advantage this would offer would be access to a user’s files without having to log in as that user, which would make it possible (for example) to put read-only files in their directory so they can’t mess around with .htaccess or PHP if you don’t want that.

Also, it would mean I could use SSH to get into the directory without having to allow the user to access SSH as well.

Great discussion, everyone.

With respect to access to user files, my point is that I OWN the users and maintain their passwords. So a “super administrator” access would certainly be appropriate. However, I can log in as each user as needed (because, of course, I can always check the password in CP if I forgot it).

Incidentally, my motivation for this is a maintenance function. Right now If I have 2 sites running under one user and I decide replicate files between the sites, I have copy and paste functions between the sites through an FTP GUI that I use. It makes this process very easy. If I could execute the same process between 2 USERS, it would be AWESOME.

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This is something that I was interested in doing as well so it’s interesting to me too, Martin. After looking into it methinks we can’t do this not only due to permissions limitations, but also because of complicated logistics. As you’re no doubt aware there are only 3 levels of file permissions: user, group, and other. The DH staff are privileged users so they can set up new groups to put us in.

The only way to enable this multi-tiered administration would be to create a group with you as the group owner, within which you could set up less priveleged “subordinate” users who couldn’t access each other’s files. Seems sort of like what we can do now but it gets complicated if your customers have downstream clients they are in charge of, it would call for another group. That either starts to quickly overload the admins, or it creates a serious security risk by allowing any number of people like us to have that sort of system access.

I believe this is where the administration panel comes into play. It allows users like us to temporarily be delegated higher level admin rights, in a pretty controlled manner. Don’t get me wrong I don’t claim to be very knowledgeable about networking, but once I thought about this it was easier to see why we can’t do it. Just some thoughts.

What you can do is log in via SSH and tar the files you want to transfer and then with the other user you wget the tar and untar it.

Not how you wanted it but kind of solution to your problem. rocks! (so does my site :))
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