Manage email addresses of a NameCheap domain


I already have a hosting service with DH with some domains, but I also have a domain registered on

I’d like to manage the email addresses for this domain (only those) with DH: how should I do that?
Of course, NameCheap lets me change the MX records for the domain.

Thanks in advance for your attention.


Set up a Parked Domain here. This is what enters the domain into the DreamHost system, even if you won’t be using the website. Then add the desired email addresses. Go back to Manage Domains and click DNS for that domain. Get the MX entries for it and enter then at NameCheap.

Option 2:
Set up a Google-Hosted domain here. Then you can use Gmail to host the email for your domain, which many people prefer to do.


It works! Thank you very much :slight_smile: