Manage Domains

What does the RESTORE button do on the manage domains page do. I have been unable to connect to the remote site since Dreamhost changed servers. If I press the RESORE buttonwill this fix my problem?

The Restore function recovers your site files from a backup of your choice. The restore function is useful in cases where you have unintentionally removed directories or files from a domain account.

Noting that your problem is with connection, rather than missing files or having accidentally deleted a domain folder, I think the process you want would be:

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Domains > Manage Domains[/color]

  • Click Edit next to the troubled domain.

  • Scroll down and click [color=#0000CC]Change Settings[/color]

This procedure will refresh the internals over at DreamHost and (hopefully!) restore your ability to connect to your remote site without the need to trouble Support about it.

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