Manage domains

when i go under manage domains and create a new domain, will that charge my account since its a new .com?

You can host any number of domains in your web space, but each domain name you register (apart from the free one you get) will cost you money.

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so i just made a new one under the manage domains and then delted it, will i still get charged for it?

no, you will not get charged for that. You can add as many domains under the Panel > Domains > Manage domains as you want for free. For instance you use this part of the panel to add sub-domains as well as regular domains.

It will only cost you register those domains, which is in a different part of the panel (Panel > Domains > Registrations). Or your can register them with a different company and host them with dreamhost.

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DH gives you a free domain name for each account. That means you will get the first domain name for free.

Usually when you registered the domain name, they system will ask you how much you wanna pay. Did you see that page? If you still have the free domain, you will see something like “1 year - 0.00”, “2 years - 9.95”, and so on. From there, you can clearly tell how much you need to pay for the domain.

I’m not sure whether DH will refund you the money after you delete the domain. You may want to send a ticket to DH.

But I know DH will not refund you the free domain if you close your account.

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You won’t get a refund if you delete a domain from the Manage Domains section of the panel, because you are never charged to add one in the first place!

As matttail said; You can add as many domains and/or sub-domains as you like through the Manage Domains section, it’s just that the domains will not work unless you have also registered the domain, either at DreamHost or elsewhere, and since you can not delete or cancel a domain registration (until it is due for renewal), you won’t get a refund for that either. :slight_smile:


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