Manage Domains / Fully Hosted

Ok, I need to make triple sure I am gonna get this right. I know what to do (i think). Can someone just confirm.

I am at the “Manage Domains” part of the control panel and I just registered my free .com domain. I now want to ad it under “Fully Hosted”.

Obviously I ad this newly regsistered domain here, choose “extra web security”, choose “create new FTP user” and ad new FTP username.

Now under “Web Directory” do I change this to /home/username/

Must directory have the d2?

By URL www or not or both, is there any reason to NOT use the “both” option.

Thanks everyone.


It looks to me as if you have figured out. My only comments would be:

  1. Of course you don’t have to add a “new” ftp user - you can use your existing user if you want.

  2. Under Web Directory, I see no reason to use the “d2”, unless you want it - I find it easier to just append “mynewdomain.tld” to the existing /home/usename/ path and be done with it.

Of course, If I am adding a new subdomain (like blog.mynewdomain.tld), and I entered that on the top line of the add a new domain form, then I would use “/home/user/blog.mynewdomain.tld” for the directory. I just think it keeps things organized better if I match the directory name with the domain, but that is just me and you are free to do it differently if you like.

3)I can’t think of any reason not to use the “both” option for “www” - again, it’s a matter of personal choice.


Ok. I have done as you suggested, but I see no users under Users/Manage Users/. Under “Manage Domains” it still says “No Domains”. Under Domains/Registrations it does show the free domain I registered and I did receive the “Registration Successful” email. Does all this seem correct?

Just a note: When I did as you suggested, the “Add FTP user” had no users in the dropdown list so I just added FTP username and went ahead.

Should I have created a user first in the Users/Manage Users/ area or should I just wait for this domain to propagate?

Well, now you have me confused, as I have never seen that condition in the panel. Let’s start at the beginning:

  1. In addition to registering a domain, did you also sign up for a hosting plan? (important!)

  2. Have you attempted logging into your server with the credentials that your Welcome to Dreamhost email confirmation of signing up provided?

  3. When did you receive this confirmation email? It almost sounds as though your initial user is not yet setup.

If you have completed item#1, you should have a user already created.


I created my account by paying my money into the DH bank account directly as I do not have a credit card, and in South Africa I cannot use paypal / google checkout / etc. So , I signed up using a very unique method.

DH had to manually process everything. Maybe they did something wrong or forgot to do something, as I suppose the automated system would not have been able to work as usual with my kind of account creation. I did not receive a “Welcome to Dreamhost” email. They did email me and told me that my account is now setup and that I can login and register my free .com domain name. I did this and it does show in the control panel. However, I see none of the other details I think I am suppossed to see in my control panel.

By Domains/Manage Domains it says "No Domains"
By Users/Manage Users it says "No Users found on john’s Account"
By Mail/Manage Email it says "You currently have no domains with Dreamhost"
By Status/Site Statistics it says “No domains were found for this account…”


By Billing/Manage Account under “Plans” it shows the plan I created and shows that it is fully paid
By Billing/Manage Account under “Users” it says "You currently have no users on this account"
By Billing/Manage Account under “Mailboxes” it says "You currently have no mailboxes on this account"
By Billing/Manage Account under “Domains Hosted” it says "You currently have no domains on this account"
By Billing/Manage Account under “Domains Registered” it shows the domain that I registered (the free one) but it still shows 1 free. It says (1,1 free). I know that I used my free domain and was not charged because under Billing/View Invoices I check under “Charged” it shows my domain registration for 1 year and amount owed $0.00
By Billing/Manage Account under “Plans” it shows the plan I created and shows that it is fully paid.

How does this look to you. Something looks wrong to me. Should I try and create a new user, which I guess would actually be my main/machine user. Do I do this at Users/Manage Users?

Thanks for the help. Perhaps I should send all this to support or just point them to this thread.

I suspect you are correct that the unique way you completed your signup resulted in the “routine” DH automated setup process being short-circuited. Whenever a process that is normally “automated” has to be manually re-created, it is easy for something to be “borked”. This would explain the condition of your panel.

While it might be possible for you to “unravel” it all yourself, by creating an initial user, and going from there, I would be hesitant to go that route, for fear of further confusing the issue.

I suggest you contact support from the Control Panel–>Support–>Contact Support menu option, and include your last post - that should sufficiently explain your situation and the condition of the account for them to know how to proceed.

It’s really unfortunate that you have had this initial experience; when the account is properly set-up and you learn your way around the Control Panel, you will find it all works very well and is very flexible and powerful. :wink:

Good luck in getting it all sorted. I hope that can get everything straightened out quickly for you.